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Grant’s Farm- St Louis, Missouri

DSC_0755 (2)In my opinion, Grants Farm is one of the best attractions in the St Louis area. People always talk about the Arch, but if I had to choose between the two excursions, I would choose Grant’s Farm every time. Here are the top ten reasons I like Grant’s Farm-

10. It was the family home of President Grant.

9. You can enjoy pretty horses, and not worry about needing to feed them!

8. You can let someone else do the driving.DSC_0705

7. It’s a fun place to see deer crossing the road, and they won’t mess up your car.DSC_0721  

6. They have Elephants who can paint.

5. There are a lot of goats and cute kids!

4. There was pretty scenery on the tram ride.

3. It was reasonably priced-Like free!free-10[1]2. If you are 21, they will give you free beer.DSC_0823

1. You can let Parakeets decorate your hair or your hat!

The only charge, for the park, was a thirteen-dollar parking fee. (and lunch, naturally!) We chose to visit on a really, really hot day. The only place in the entire park, that was air conditioned, was the rest rooms. So, I promise you, if you choose to visit on a really hot day and you are a wicked witch, you will melt! (You might melt, even if you are not a wicked witch!)

So, anyway, wicked witches beware, and everyone else, I look forward to hearing about your very wonderful adventure at Grant’s Farm.