DSC_0089We are home from our two week adventure and it has been a lot of fun!  We have shoveled out the RV and are doing tons of laundry, while eating pizza and watching Dr. Doolittle with the kids! Happy traveling!


Looking Up

Look Up

DSC_0070The thing I love most about traveling is looking up and all around.  I realize that have this ability all of the time, even when I am not bouncing down the road. Unfortunately, I don’t take the time to see what is in my own backyard. I wonder how many little things in my daily life actually do ‘shine like the top of the Chrysler Building’.  I become lulled, by the everyday, mundane, moments of life.  So, today I am giving myself the challenge to look up and all around!  The world is a beautiful, fascinating place to be.

Throwdown: State Park vs RV Park

Last night we stayed at Edgar Evins State Park just east of Nashville.  It is beautiful.   I am really glad we stopped, instead of pushing on to Memphis. If we had tried to make Memphis, we would have been super tired and very grouchy.  Instead we enjoyed a crock pot meal on our beautiful balcony, overlooking a pristine lake.  It was great.  This park is very unique.  The campsites, by the lake, are actually large balconies.  We drove our RV onto the balcony!

On this trip we have chosen RV parks over State Parks. When actually, we should have chosen State Parks too.   One reason for this is cost. The average price of a State Park is 20-35 dollars a night. The average price of an RV park is 50-80 dollars a night.  Cost wise the State Parks win hands down!   RV Parks are usually less rustic that State Parks,  which can be a good thing.  At the RV parks we have stayed at, we have never encountered problems with ticks and poison ivy.  At State Parks, however, we see poison ivy everywhere.   One time that we stayed at a State Park, my youngest grandson came home with a record number of ticks!  Thirteen!  

State Parks are more spacious.  In this park, our nearest neighbor is 40 feet away. In the RV Parks we have stayed at, our neighbors have been about 20 feet away.  Big difference!

Day 13

Last night we stayed in Gatlinburg.  We originally were going to stay for two nights, but at this point in our trip, day 13, we are tired and ready for home. We have reached a point. For anyone who has traveled a two week vacation, you probably can identify with our situation and know what I mean. It is that point where you can’t find anything.  Anything that is in your way, well you just throw it in the back seat, or in our case, the back of the RV.  We have just started pitching stuff in the back and hoping we can find enough bed to sleep on. The laundry is once again stacked up to the roof, but at this point we do not plan on washing clothes until we reach our final destination, home!

The place we stayed in Gatlinburg, Adventure Bound Campground,  was very family friendly. The kids were upset that they did not have a chance to slide the water slide, but the grown-ups are done. Here is what the granddaughter had to say:

“So we are in Gatlinburg ! I love the nature. It is so beautiful.  They have a very cool water slide, a park and a pool! Today we are going to Nashville TN! Very close to MEMPHIS,. TN!!!!!!!!!! What do you think we should do? Water slide or pool?”

We have made reservations to stay at Edgar Evins State Park near Nashville tonight. Our very last night on the road.

The Roller Coaster

DSC_0111I love the mountains. However, after today, I am not sure I love driving in the mountains. Our Bouncy girl (the RV), I am sure feels the same way. Can you imaging weighing 17,000  lbs. and having to haul your enormous backside up  a mountain?  My Hubby, Joe steps on the gas and she says, “Are you kidding me?”  So, my husband cattle prods her with the tow haul button and then she huffs into action. We finally make it to the top of the hill and she races down the other side saying, “Whee….I’m free!!!”

Meanwhile, we are surrounded by wall to wall semi-trucks, all playing the roller coaster game too.  I don’t think I enjoy racing down the mountain side, going 80 plus miles an hour, just so we have enough power to get up the other side.

Our motorhome has a gas engine. How much easier is it in the mountains with a diesel?

In the Blood


I love the beach. The giant waves and soft sand between my toes bring me peace.  But the mountains feel like home. Perhaps it’s in my blood. My daddy called the mountains his home. His daddy and his daddy’s daddy were all mountain men.  I can picture myself, shoeless, traipsing down a dusty, country lane with the lush green forest at my side and the smoky, hazy, blue mountains nestled in the distance, melting into the expanse of the big blue sky.  Country roads…

Candy Hill Campground Winchester, Virginia


Candy Hill was a really nice place to stop. The sites were spacious, which is always good for a family of seven. The only negative thing I could think of to say about Candy Hill was that there was a lot of highway noise. We did not mind it because the large,  peaceful lots, more than made up for the inconvenience.



The town of Winchester was quaint, yet sophisticated.  We stopped in a shop to make some purchases at a beautiful outdoor mall. We asked the owner where we could purchase a good gluten free pizza. He told us that Roma Pizza, about a half a block down the road, was an awesome place for pizza. No Joke, It was great! As a family, we cleaned up four pizzas and a Greek salad.  We shamelessly practiced ‘No Crumb Left Behind!’