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Low Bridges, Google, Duct Tape/Twine and the Best KOA

Experience has shown that Google does not give the best advice for RV travel. Their maps work great for automobile travelers. However, for RV and travel trailer travelers Googles map advice is sometimes unwise and dangerous.

My son-In-law and daughter just experienced a bad and dangerous situation with Google maps. En-route to Greensboro, GA, Google took them down a County road with an unmarked low bridge. They thought they had enough room to clear the obstacle. However, when they heard the crunch of the air conditioner being torn from the roof of their travel trailer, they realized their fatal mistake. They paid a heavy price for a lesson, (for all RV travelers) which is to always use spotters.

The bridge had totally destroyed their TV antenna, ripped one AC from the roof, and left the other AC unit broken and unusable.  We met up with them at the Greensboro, KOA.   By the time we arrived at the KOA, KOA workers had helped them to remove the damaged AC from the roof and patch the roof with plywood.  At this point, we thought that our joint beach vacation would not happen. With no AC and a two-day drive left just to get to the beach, understandably, they were considering packing up and heading home.  Their plan was to tough it out in the hot TT for the night and then part ways.  Ultimately, after much discussion, they decided that they would continue to the beach!

The plan was to purchase a portable AC from Walmart and make do. However, Walmart was closed for the evening and they still had a roasting hot travel trailer; A situation that would be very uncomfortable for sleeping. The solution came tied to the wings of angels. The KOA workers had spoken to the manager and explained the situation. The manager offered to put them up in a cabin for the night for free! Best KOA ever.  

So, if you ever find yourself in Greensboro, GA, give our new friends a visit. Just don’t let Google direct you there!


Last Day at the Beach

Well, today we did not actually make it to the beach. Everyone, slept later than they normally do. I, begrudgingly, got up at 8:15.  I was, and am so tired. I think I can speak for our whole tribe or most of them… We play hard, and then, we putter out. Tomorrow, we say goodbye to the beach. It’s been a great vacation and it has been an interesting vacation.

This year we tried something a little different. Three separate domiciles. Our daughters each had their own space in the KOA at Milton. We brought our motorhome. Our eldest and her family brought their travel trailer. Our youngest rented a cabin. So, here is a tip. If you rent a cabin a the KOA Milton, don’t mention a dog. Especially if the dog belongs to another member of your family. (The dog mostly belongs to my husband and me.) Because… people with dogs do not get nice cabins at this KOA! There cabin has lovingly begun to be known as “The Ghetto Box”. It sleeps six (kind of)! The loft has two mattress on the floor. The living room/kitchenette furniture consist of an old lumpy futon, table and four bar stools. There is a refrigerator, microwave, and an electric cooktop with unlevel burners. In the bedroom there is a double bed, nightstand, tiny shower, toilet and sink. The whole place smells musty wet.img_2762img_2758

However, the campsites are nice enough.


Mostly we have gathered as a family in the travel trailer. At thirty seven foot, with two sides, it is ample big enough for twelve people to congregate. Tonight, we will have a campfire and we will roast some mellows.

Tomorrow, we will take one last little trip to the beach, before heading home.