Pensacola Beach-July 16th

Today we have some reprieve from the heat. The wind is blowing fiercely and the sky looks like the the possibility of incoming rain.

img_2616Earlier today we treated Lucy to dog sitter and we enjoyed lunch at McGuire ‘s Irish Pub. Yum!

We are now at the beach and the sunscreen ritual has begun. Every inch, of our bodies, is covered in 70 plus sunscreen, and for extra measure we applied Sea Safe, Anti-Jellyfish, sunscreen as well!img_2618

I will never complain about heat again. Did I mention that the wind is fierce? And cold! We are literally being sandblasted.

They are only flying one flag on the beach today. Green- Which means no dangerous marine life and calm seas. Ha! The sea is anything but calm! (They did however eventually change it to a yellow flag)

Lots of waves– for almost teenagers, equals a whole lotta fun! Body boards up!! One, two, three, go!

Here are some pictures. It turned out to be a very nice day!


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