Vacation Day Four-A Lazy Kind of Day

There comes a time in every vacation when you start to forget even what day it is. For us, we are almost there. I begrudgingly got out of bed at 7:30 and that was only because the img_2550dog needed to go out for a walk. We texted some of our other family members an hour later and the kids (who are normally up by 6:30) were still sleeping .

Today is Sunday. We are suppose to be in Church and we were planning on going to church….only….we couldn’t muster the energy to get there. I hope God understands.

Instead, we had a relaxed pancake brunch and played around camp.

Later, we are going to have dinner on the beach and go ghost crab hunting! Such fun!

We arrive at the beach around 5:30. As we were arriving droves and droves of cars were leaving. I guess 5:30 in the evening is not a popular time to visit the beach. (which was great for us) We had no problem finding a picnic spot. After dinner it was still early enough that the kids were able to enjoy the water.

it was awesome watching the sunset!

And playing in the sand!

Everything we did was a lot of fun. But, we probably had the most fun chasing the little ghost crabs.




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