Gulf Shores- Here we come!

Today’s adventure? Gulf Shores, Alabama. More specifically, Lulu’s for the twelve people in our group and Sea Paws Dog Resort for the four legged one.

Gulf shore is a fair piece away from the Milton KOA. Now, one might ask “Why are you traveling and hour and a half away just to go to a restaurant?” It’s because Lulu’s isn’t just any old restaurant, Lulu’s is an adventure! (Or at least it was a few years ago)

img_2525-2img_2540Our dog Lucy is along for the ride because, I have not been comfortable with the idea of leaving Lucy, our Labradoodle, in the camper for our six plus hour excursion to Gulf Shores. So, I researched ahead of time Doggy Day Cares. I hope she enjoys her little outing to Sea Paws. And, I hope she returns to us a little less energetic. It’s really hot in Florida in July. Plus, she is greatly underwhelmed by the fenced in dog run at the KOA. We can almost hear her say, “Oh no, not a trip to the big kitty litter box again. Do I have have to?” This morning I took her and threw a ball a few times. By the third time, her slobbery spit had covered the ball and collected a fair amount of sand. It was too gross even for a dog. Lucy went over and sniffed it and said, “No way, mom. That’s just plain nasty. Even for me!”

We just dropped off Lucy. For now it’s just my husband and I. The others are taking in a movie and will meet us at Lulu’s later. DSC_0132


Lucy seemed to have a good time in doggy daycare and we had a good time at Lulu’s.

DSC_0139Lulu’s was still a ‘cool’ place, but it was hot! Really hot! Have I failed to mention, Florida in July hot! Lulu’s is kind of a large outdoor restaurant, complete with a sand beach, founded by Jimmy Buffett’s sister Lucille.

The younger kids enjoyed playing in the sand and water before dinner. Not so much the teenagers. I guess for teenage boys the magic wears off somewhere around the age of twelve?DSC_0157 (2)

It took us a hour to get seated. But, it was worth the wait. We had a giant picnic table where we all sat together, under a patio, on the canal. Boats sauntered by as live music played in the background.

I order a burger. A half pounder is as small as they come. I barely finished and I could not finish my fries.

DSC_0189The service was a little slow, but Lulu’s is not a place you want to eat fast and leave in a hurry. Nor, do they really want you too. Folks sometimes just stick around after dinner, listen to the music and watch their kids play.


We are now full, tired and happy and on our way back to camp. How about a little Jimmy Buffet, anyone?DSC_0196



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