Navarre Beach

I am a beach ‘whim-wam’.  -Translated, I am a big sissy.

DSC_0083Today is our first day at the beach. This season, at the beach, people are coming down with rashes all over their bodies…caused by microscopic jellyfish! When we arrived at the beach today, purple flags were flying high! Warning-dangerous marine life!

Because of the warning, it took me a hot minute to get in the water. I paced back and forth, just looking. Honestly, when I am at the sea or a lake, I go through this ritual every time… Unseen things floating, buried, swimming in the murky depths… What if something eats me?

Finally I am in the water, and I am perfectly fine. But, the worry-wart in me is still skeptical. I will let you know if I get jellyfish rash!

The beach is beautiful. Today, lush, emerald-green water is gently lapping the warmDSC_0045 white sand. I think the beach is God’s canvas, and I love the way God paints a different picture every day. Minute by minute, the picture changes.

Majestic. Powerful.

Here in this place, I pause to ponder…I am a grandmother with seven grandkids, and the beach is usually the focal point of our big family vacations. Over the years, I have watched my grandkids grow and change too. During the first family vacation, the oldest grand baby DSC_0028was only seven, and the youngest was just a few months old. Today, the oldest is fourteen and practically a young man.

They are growing and changing ever day. But, so am I. Where has time gone? “Just yesterday”, I was a young girl. “Just yesterday”, I was married and our own children came into the world. “Just yesterday”, our children were married and my first grandchild was born. “Just yesterday”….

Today I am content to just be. Here, now, in the moment. As I write, I am sitting under a pavilion, listening to the sound of the birds and the laughter of children. I feel the breeze lovingly brush my skin.  God’s kiss.

This is my happy place.



1 thought on “Navarre Beach

  1. Deb Seibel

    Loved this!! Brought some happy tears to my eyes as I thought back in the years but also look forward! God is good all the time, all the time God is good!! 💞😊



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