Motor Home Repairs

68932F16-AEAC-4B1C-9541-4F33D8C708B8My idea of Motorhome service and repairs has changed over the years. I used to think if I needed a repair I could go and get service cheaply and quickly. Right? I thought we could drop off our Motorhome at Camping World, pay our $250 dollar deductible, have our Motorhome serviced, and after a few days pick her up and live happily ever after. Pretty nice vision?? Right?

I was willing to pay top dollar insurance premiums for the ease of these inexpensive deductibles, that covered almost anything that could go wrong with our Motorhome.

This is, or was, until….

The fan motor on our furnace went out last year. We price fan motors, purchased one ourselves, called Good Sam Extended Service Plan and Camping World to schedule a repair date. We called them mid June. The soonest appointment they had open was mid July. So…we brought it in mid July. Two weeks later they finally got around to looking at our needed repair. It was at that point, they told us we needed a brand new furnace. And.. they said Good Sam would only cover a portion of the cost. They said we needed a new furnace because our furnace parts were no longer being manufactured! We gave them the right part that we had just purchased off of the Internet! So…for another three weeks we went round and round with Good Sam and Camping World trying to get straight answers on what was covered and what wasn’t. In the end, we told Camping world to please just repair the furnace with the part we supplied. Which is what we wanted in the first place. They refused. So after a month and a half, we picked up our camper that still had a broken heater.

My loving husband and son-in law did the repair themselves with the part we purchased. The heater preformed wonderfully last winter with it’s new part.

Since the heater incident, we dropped our Good Sam Extended Service Plan to a one thousand dollar deductible, just to cover anything major that might happen. Otherwise, we are attempting the small to medium repairs ourselves.

We have replaced the TV antenna, the front door locking assembly and the awning. Lastly, just this last weekend we replaced the air conditioner.

We purchased our new unit from Amazon. They delivered to our door with free shipping via prime. YouTube is a great resource for how-tos. There are videos for most of your RV how-to repair needs. We watched a video on YouTube by He provided step by step instructions on how to remove the old unit and replace it with the new unit. In less than three hours the old air unit was removed and the new unit was up and running. Here are some pictures of our progress.BEF41FAA-EC1A-49B9-A0A4-F44DB93DAB46

The old unit is out!


The new unit is in!


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