Two Things and More

A1AF2165-0AC4-48B7-8143-3F2B8FE5BC33Two things I know to be true. #1 God has made a beautiful world. #2 Life is a journey.

My sister and I are now on a one week adventure together. We are taking a holiday. We started out in two separate locations and converged in San Diego, California.
This is where I begin to realize that I have journeyed for a long time. I am sixty. I am thankful that God has given me many wonderful years, and I look forward to many more wonderful years to come. Hopefully thirty or forty more, at least!

I am also realizing, a lady who travels alone, at the age of sixty, is treated a little bit differently.

My journey began at the airport in my own hometown. — Just a side note. Not everyone can clear an airport in one hour and make it to the gate with plenty of time to spare.

I arrived at the airport close to five am, and the lines stretched out like folks waiting to collect free money from a benevolent soul. While choosing a line, all I could do was to say- eney, meany, mighty, mo. And….when that didn’t help, I wavered between self checkout and the customer service counter. I eventually chose self checkout because it had the shorter amount of people. There were only four peeps ahead of me.

Then, the clock began to tick. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick…..and the line did nothing. It was stuck like gum on a shoe. I glanced over at the line through the security checkpoint, and it was even longer. So, I began to rehearse my phone conversation, with my sister, in my head….“Ah sis, I didn’t make my flight…..”

It was about then, that a wonderful man in a blue American Airline jacket, walked up to my line and said, “Anyone here on the six am flight to DC or Dallas?” “Yes,” I screamed. “Me!” “Follow me,” he said. At that point, I was the head of a long line of people following the man in the blue jacket. Someone, who was still in line said, “Hey, where is everyone going?”

In no time flat, (thankfully) I had a boarding pass.

The family ahead of me, in the security checkpoint line, didn’t have it together. I felt sorry for them, and, not having it together, earned them a special trip through the metal detector. One of the daughters had a full bottle of water in her water bottle. I watched, as mom fused, and the mom and daughter both, frantically, tried to gulp the water, while trying to get their stuff organized and onto the security scan belt. All I could think was-I understand.

I finally reach my gate as the plane was boarding.

Once aboard, the captain announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a slight problem. We have a little fuel leak. We will be doing an engine test to determine if it is an within an acceptable limit.” I thought, “AN ACCEPTABLE LIMIT?? We are talking about an airplane. What is an acceptable limit of fuel leaking while flying a million miles above the earth’s surface?”

They did the engine test an the thing quit leaking. Thank God. But, with a all of the delays, my layover in Dallas was short. Too short.

As I left the aircraft, I glanced at my watch. My boarding pass told me that my plane to San Diego was boarding…now! I ran to to the big board of departing flights and mine was not there. In an utter fright, I scanned it again and nothing! Nada! I glanced to my right, and the lady at the Alaskan Airline counter was standing idle, with nothing to do. I rushed up to her and said, “Can you help me please? I think I am lost?” She leaned over the counter and looked me directly in the face. I could hear her think, “white hair…old lady…Does she have Alzheimer’s ?” I explained, “I can’t find my flight on the board. Could you look it up for me.” I shove my boarding pass toward her, and with a few strokes of her keypad, she announced, “,Terminal A, Gate 29.” I said, “But this is Terminal C! How do I do that?” She points to my right and says, “The skylift is that way.”

I discovered that I can run pretty fast for an old lady and I did make make my connecting flight barely in the nick of time. Once airborne, instead of sleeping (which would have been the smart thing to do), I watched back to back episodes of the TV Comedy, Life in Pieces. Two and one half hours later, I was once again on the ground.

I collected my bag from baggage claim and proceeded to text my sis. She texted back to let me know that she also, was in Baggage Claim. But, Terminal 1. I was in Baggage Claim 2. After a long walk I could say “Hello sis! Hello trip!” And so the Journey begins….





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