The Best Gift

Today I received the best Christmas present ever. It was also the funniest and the most unusual gift I have ever received. When I opened it I laughed harder than I have laughed in a good long while. However, the deepest part of me went awwwwwww….

So here is the story.

Two weeks ago I saw my six year old grandson busy with a cardboard box, scissors, and duct tape. “Whatcha doing?” I asked. “It’s a surprise,” he relied. “Ok,” I said and went about my business.

Later when he was finish, he announced with great pride, as he slid the box beside the yet to be decorated Christmas tree, “Memaw, I made you a present!” “Ok, cool, thanks,” I said and I really didn’t give it anymore thought.

Fast forward to tonight (Christmas Eve). I had opened most of my gifts when the duct taped, brown amazon box resurfaced from under the tree. There was a note attached to the top which simply said-

To Meemaw, Happy Jingle Day! Love, John. Hint: You can not tell what is in it.

I gingerly pulled off some of the masking tape and gave the box a little shake. Much to my surprise the items inside of the box were quite noisy. The box did not shake like perhaps it had paper drawings inside. I wondered, “What could this kid have possibly made me.”

Slowly I reached inside of the box and pulled the things out of the box-one by one. With each item I removed, my laughter became more and more hysterical.

This is what the box contained: One First Holy Communion Book recycled from an older sibling who no longer wanted it. Two paint brushes that were already mine (taken from my art supply drawer). Several ink pens of different colors (found while rummaging though the house). A lego piece and a broken seashell.

He was right. I would have never guessed what was inside of that box.

But, with all that stuff, the most important part of the gift was the part that wasn’t visible- (a piece of the child’s heart). Pure and simple, uncomplicated and sweet. He put a lot of thought into what he had given me. He collected (for me) things he knew I would really like, and, or, really needed.

I bet Jesus looked at John’s gift and said, “Best present ever!” ( I certainly did!)

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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