Fashion is a fickle concept. What is fashionable today will be totally out dated tomorrow. Today, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a maxi shirt and it seems as if just yesterday, my closet was full of them. Likewise, I can remember when I disliked straight leg pants and now I own a billion of them.

Fashions come and fashions go. Truth is forever.

Let me explain my viewpoint:

Just the other day, I had a picture of my nativity set pop-up from “My Memories” in my Facebook feed. Prompted by the message to repost, I added the word “Timeless”. Timeless? Yes, but more than timeless.

For many, the time before Christmas provides an opportunity to examine ones relationship with God. An opportunity to search deep within and examine how well we try to live within that relationship. Christmas is a time to reflect on the Savior, the Messiah, born in a humble manger. Jesus, God Himself born in time, is a mystery we can never fully understand. Truth! Not some truth, or a truth, but He is the Truth.

There is nothing wrong with the greeting, “Happy Holidays”, Yet for Christians, Christmas is one of the biggest religious celebrations celebrated during the year. Jesus is the reason for the season. As Christian people, many of us, (myself included) are allowing the world to relegate Christmas to a mere fashion. The world says it is not fashionable to say “Merry Christmas.” I have pondered this a lot. This Christmas season, when I am greeted with “Happy Holidays,” I will respond by telling the person that I celebrate Christmas and I will ask “Do you?” If the person responds yes, I will wish them a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

To my Christian friends-Merry Christmas! To my non-Christian friends-Happy Holidays, and the next time you see me, please wish me a Merry Christmas!



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