First Day at the Theatre

Today my daughter and I ushered at the Orpheum for the very first time. At the Orpheum, volunteers can see broadway theatre productions for free.

We worked the matinee. We needed to be at the theatre at 11:30, for the 1 pm performance. Our first task was to stuff programs with inserts. Easy right? Forty minutes, later (in what seemed like a blink of an eye), we were still sitting on the floor stuffing programs, when the floor manager said the house was open and could we please get up off the floor. Then there was the matter of seating people. New people get to start work in the nosebleed section, and today all four of us were new and the house was full. I felt like one of the keystone cops. But actually, I only really messed up once!

After all the patrons were seated, the work was pretty easy and the show was awesome.

I am now back home relaxing, with feet up. I ran a marathon today. When I woke this morning, (after sleeping in late), I had a mental checklist in my head about every thing I needed today for ushering. Bow tie. Check! Tux shirt and black pants. Check! Penlight flashlight! Oh no!!!!! No flashlight! When a half hour to prep time left, I rushed out the door, to my local Walgreens on every corner. Much to my dismay, no penlight flashlights! I raced across the Parking lot to the ACE hardware store. “Do you have a penlight flashlight?”, I breathlessly asked the cashier. “Ask him”, she responded, pointing to an elderly gentleman. “Do you have penlight flashlights”, I begged the man. “Sure I do,” he responded. “Lots of ’em.” “You are my hero,” I exclaimed. “I could hug you right now.” And with that, he held out his arms. I don’t know who was happier he or I. And the rest was history.


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