The Spider


While camping it is important to remember to pack all of the essential supplies; but sometimes we forget. This morning, As I was about to take a shower in our little camper bathroom, l realized that we forgot to pack towels. Luckily, we did have a few hand towels and a couple of terry rags. So, being the resourceful person that I am, I grabbed a rag and a hand towel, then settled into my cozy 2 ft x 3ft shower stall. I had just shampooed my hair and was ready to rinse, when I realized that I wasn’t alone. I was sharing my little steamy resort, with a half-inch green spider (who was none to happy about having his house invaded with my shower steam).
As I peered up to the ceiling, practically looking him in the eyes, he seemed to say, “Thanks a lot. Now, I need to find somewhere else to be.” And, I thought, “Not on the top of my head, Buster!”

“Joe,” I yelled, “Can you please bring me a couple of paper towels?” In muttered tones, above the sound of my running water, I barely heard, “That’s the one thing, we forgot to pack.” “Oh?”, I said, “We forgot to pack paper towels? Can you bring me a couple of tissues?” “I have something better,” he says, “But, you probably aren’t going to like it.”

“Anything,” I thought, “But, please, hurry.” Meanwhile, Mr. Spider was looking more and more like he was going to jump ship.  I called to my hubby, “Please hurry!” “Coming,” he yelled back. “I found you a tablecloth,” he announced. I thought, “A tablecloth to kill a spider?” “No,” I said, “I need a couple of tissues.” As my hubby shoves a tablecloth over the shower stall, I realize that he couldn’t hear me very well either, because he says, “Are you sure that you want to dry off with a couple of tissues? Wouldn’t a tablecloth be better?” “No!”, I said, “I need tissues! I have a friend in here with me.” “Oh!” he said.

Meanwhile, my friend had begun to dangle, on a little string of web, directly over my head. “Hurry, please,” I pleaded. Finally, as the seconds slowly ticked away, I was able to grab the tissue from over the top of the shower stall, and do away with my little friend.

While drying off with my little rag and itty, bitty hand towel, my only thought was, “May I have a tablecloth please?”




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