I haven’t written in a very long time. I miss it.

Friday we had a snow day. Some of you might be asking, “How much snow did you get?” Uh, about an inch. Ok, don’t laugh; It’s all about perspective and not having the right kinds of stuff in Memphis to deal with icy conditions. An inch of snow/ice on the road in Memphis can be treacherous.

Today, is Saturday. Despite the cold temperature, an expected high of 23 degrees today, our snow has melted to just a thin, patchy, blanket covering the surface of our yard. Yet, the kids are outside, sleds in hand, doing running slides down our little hill.

Anyone who live up north is probably laughing like crazy right now; I understand that sliding down a dusting of snow might seem preposterous. But, in Memphis, a dusting of snow is a really big deal!

When I think about these things, I think about perspective. I wonder how my own perspective is influenced by vision, or lack of vision, in the world around me. I pray for a good perspective and that I have eyes that see and ears that hear.


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