The Gift


I am forever the skeptic. Today I was in the checkout line at the Lowes Garden Center, when a younger, thirty-something, African-American, man walked up to me and presented me with a bouquet of roses. As he handed me the flowers, he simply said, “This bouquet is for you.” Stunned, I accepted the flowers, with a tentative, polite thank you, waiting to find out what he wanted in return. Did he want money and lots of it?   I hesitated before turning away, and as I did, he handed my cashier the other bouquet that he was carrying, and once again, simply said, “This bouquet is for you.”

He didn’t ask for anything. A perfect stranger handed me a dozen beautiful roses and asked for nothing in return.

I pondered whether or not there was a bomb buried in the bottom of the flowers or perhaps they were laced with anthrax.  But, the plain and simple truth was that it was “a random act of kindness and a senseless act of love.”

I wonder if this man knows how deeply he touched me.  On the way back to my car, I started to cry. Not just a trickle of tears, but full belly sobs.  It is so easy to focus on the bad things that happen all around us and to look for problems where they don’t exist. Sometimes, I am good at that.

When my husband brings me flowers, I am thankful and I love them. But, I don’t cry.  But, today in the love of a stranger, I saw the face of Christ.


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