Throwdown: State Park vs RV Park

Last night we stayed at Edgar Evins State Park just east of Nashville.  It is beautiful.   I am really glad we stopped, instead of pushing on to Memphis. If we had tried to make Memphis, we would have been super tired and very grouchy.  Instead we enjoyed a crock pot meal on our beautiful balcony, overlooking a pristine lake.  It was great.  This park is very unique.  The campsites, by the lake, are actually large balconies.  We drove our RV onto the balcony!

On this trip we have chosen RV parks over State Parks. When actually, we should have chosen State Parks too.   One reason for this is cost. The average price of a State Park is 20-35 dollars a night. The average price of an RV park is 50-80 dollars a night.  Cost wise the State Parks win hands down!   RV Parks are usually less rustic that State Parks,  which can be a good thing.  At the RV parks we have stayed at, we have never encountered problems with ticks and poison ivy.  At State Parks, however, we see poison ivy everywhere.   One time that we stayed at a State Park, my youngest grandson came home with a record number of ticks!  Thirteen!  

State Parks are more spacious.  In this park, our nearest neighbor is 40 feet away. In the RV Parks we have stayed at, our neighbors have been about 20 feet away.  Big difference!


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