Day 13

Last night we stayed in Gatlinburg.  We originally were going to stay for two nights, but at this point in our trip, day 13, we are tired and ready for home. We have reached a point. For anyone who has traveled a two week vacation, you probably can identify with our situation and know what I mean. It is that point where you can’t find anything.  Anything that is in your way, well you just throw it in the back seat, or in our case, the back of the RV.  We have just started pitching stuff in the back and hoping we can find enough bed to sleep on. The laundry is once again stacked up to the roof, but at this point we do not plan on washing clothes until we reach our final destination, home!

The place we stayed in Gatlinburg, Adventure Bound Campground,  was very family friendly. The kids were upset that they did not have a chance to slide the water slide, but the grown-ups are done. Here is what the granddaughter had to say:

“So we are in Gatlinburg ! I love the nature. It is so beautiful.  They have a very cool water slide, a park and a pool! Today we are going to Nashville TN! Very close to MEMPHIS,. TN!!!!!!!!!! What do you think we should do? Water slide or pool?”

We have made reservations to stay at Edgar Evins State Park near Nashville tonight. Our very last night on the road.


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