The Roller Coaster

DSC_0111I love the mountains. However, after today, I am not sure I love driving in the mountains. Our Bouncy girl (the RV), I am sure feels the same way. Can you imaging weighing 17,000  lbs. and having to haul your enormous backside up  a mountain?  My Hubby, Joe steps on the gas and she says, “Are you kidding me?”  So, my husband cattle prods her with the tow haul button and then she huffs into action. We finally make it to the top of the hill and she races down the other side saying, “Whee….I’m free!!!”

Meanwhile, we are surrounded by wall to wall semi-trucks, all playing the roller coaster game too.  I don’t think I enjoy racing down the mountain side, going 80 plus miles an hour, just so we have enough power to get up the other side.

Our motorhome has a gas engine. How much easier is it in the mountains with a diesel?


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