imageOk, I admit I have been on the road non stop for twelve days now, so perhaps my temper is running a little bit short. But, I need to vent about laundry room etiquette!

We are a family of seven and we have not washed our clothes in four days. Today we have a down day at Candy Hill Campground in Winchester, VA. Which is a nice place, by the way.

Anyway, it should be a perfect day to get laundry done quickly and then be able to go out and see some of this great Virginia countryside. Right? There are six washing machine. Easy. Just load them all up and wait on them to finish and then pop things in the dryer and voila, done! Wrong!

I have possession of two washer, and the other four are sitting, unattended full of wet clothes.

Good laundry etiquette is to stay with and monitor your stuff. I know I am preaching to the choir. Thanks, for letting me vent.


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