It’s Only Three Hours


DSC_0066Five hundred miles, four hundred miles, three hundred miles, two hundred mile, one hundred miles……., it doesn’t matter. It’s just three hours.  Ha, ha, ha!  Every day, we say, “It’ll just take three hours .”  It has become our standard family joke, because it never takes just three hours, four hours, or five hours to reach our destination. Today, we are traveling from Hershey, PA to Roanoke, VA. It is only 306 miles! Believe it or not, it will just take three hours to get there! Ha, Ha!

Today there was a huge accident on Hyw 81 between Harrisburg, PN and Williamsburg, VA.  Traffic was stalled at a dead stop for three miles. It took us about an hour or more to travel those three miles. We had super beautiful scenery though.  It was God’s creation at it’s best.



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