Little Known Facts About NYC

DSC_0117Yesterday, we ran a marathon through New York and learned some interesting facts along the way.

Fact Number One: You must carry cash.  The train ride to NYC was wonderful, but very long.  When we arrived in Clinton, CT, ten minutes from Riverdale Farms, on the North Shore Train Line, the Station was empty.  I mean really empty. NoDSC_0015 ticket booth, no customers, nothing.  I googled riding a train from Clinton to NYC Grand Central and we discovered that purchasing a ticket on the train is a cash only affair. We hardly ever DSC_0021carry cash! So, Joe, my husband, took off, on foot, in search of an ATM machine. At that time, it was T-minus 15 minutes and counting until train time.   If we missed the train, the next one would not be around for another hour and a half. So, at T- minus 10 minutes, I started to get nervous and began to pace. But no worries at T-minus 8 minutes, the man, my beloved hubby, showed up, with cash in hand.  Two and one half hours later, we were in Grand Central Station, New York.  After a two hour and one half hour train ride into NYC, we were starved.

This brings me to Fact Number Two: On a long train ride, bring snacks with you, and plenty of them! We brought only a few snacks, so we were pretty hungry when we arrived; therefore, we stopped at the first restaurant we saw, a Korean Hamburger Joint, and discovered that all hamburgers come with cheese.

Fact Number Three:  Grand Central is beautiful.  It looks like a Cathedral inside.  After departing the train, we just looked around in awe, because, (not to be corny) it was awesome!  But, I need to talk about the cash thing a little bit more. When we plunged into the depths of the New York Transit System, we decided that buying some snacks might be a good idea.  Especially, if there was a chance that we might not get a real dinner. So we bought three bottles of water, three bags of chips, and two small packages of cookies, costing ten dollars even. Cash only. I am not sure why it costs us ten dollars even and as to ‘why’,  I really don’t care.

Fact Number Four: I do not speak New York; Southerners speak differently than northern folk. Yesterday, I asked a police officer for directions and my response to his answer was huh…???  He gave me the directions again and I manage to catch ‘Train ahrrrr’. “Train R?” I said. “Yah, ahhhh”, he responded. “R”, I asked once again? “Yes, ahhhh”, he said. “It’s ah-vah thay-ah.” “Ok, Thanks.”


We encountered Fact Number Five because of Fact Number Six. We actually tried to walk to Battery Park from the middle of Manhattan. When we figured out that Battery Park was a long way away, we decided that we ought to take the subway again to Battery Park. Here’s the story: When we first arrived at Grand Central, Joe asked a homeless man about the subway system. The man told Joe not to take subway line 4 or 5 to Battery Park, but to take the Times Square Shuttle instead. Thank you, Homeless man! We did get to see Times Square because of you. And we saw the Jumbotron, too!



Fact Number Seven: Self explanatory! Never step in yellow puddles unless you are six years old and want to hear your mother scream “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that’s not rain!”

Fact Number Eight: The Statue of Liberty is really only two inches tall. Because of our many sightseeing excursions and our marathon trek through NYC, we did not get a chance to take the ferry to the Statue. We did see her from across the harbor and she was beautiful and very small. Literally, from our viewpoint, two inches tall.


Fact Number Nine: My family can run very fast if they think that they are going to miss a train.  On the way back to Riverdale Farms, we took the 6:05 Metro North and at 8:05 pm we arrived into New Haven, where we were to catch the North Shore Line back to Clinton. As we arrived into the New Haven Terminal, we heard our conductor announce that the North Shore connecting train would be leaving on track 12. Worried that we would miss our connection and become stuck in New Haven, possibly for the night, we sprinted to track 12! When we arrive on the platform, we asked a conductor if the train beside us was in fact our North Shore connection. He said, “Yes, it is.”  However, he informed us that we were there slightly early. It was due to depart at 8:45!  Go Figure!

Fact Number Ten: All in all, NYC was really fun!



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