Family View

The kids wanted to blog too! So, here is NYC form their viewpoint!


Grand One:

Okay, let me say one thing, THE BIG APPLE IS AWESOME!!!! We rode From the clinton railroad station to The Grand Central Station. Then we got Lunch at a deli not to far from the central Station. We had delicious food and fun on the streets.It is about 20 minutes from the camp to the Clinton station by car, then about 2 hours to grand central following by train. Our departure back is at 6:00 and it is six….. Oh no! Run to the station!

Grand Two:

New York City is fun. We took it by train and subway. No not Subway the restaurant!!! I’m talking subway the train. We’re taking it by train for TWO HOURS!!!!! Guess what we saw today! The Statue Of Liberty! I gotta tell you it’s a beauty. Too bad we didn’t make it on the ferry. Or to Ellis island. That would’ve been fun. Well maybe Subway the restaurant. We ate that for dinner!DSC_0150

Grand Three

I liked the trains and all that stuff! I also liked how fast I he subway was. We saw the Statue of Liberty, but did not get to ride the ferry. I like that the New Haven train was slow and I did not have to hold on hen I stood up.

Grand Four

I liked the trains that is all!



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