Fresh Sewage on a Mountain Road

There is nothing like having gone a couple of days in an RV without dumping your tanks and then driving on a bumpy mountain road, to wake up your senses! Whew-eeehhhh… ~Fragrant!

Our grandson said, “WHAT is that smell?!!”   Up to this point, our two oldest grandkids had been riding in the RV with us, but when I looked back at them and saw them riding with their shirt pulled up over their noses  (impromptu gas mask style),  I asked them if they would prefer to ride in their Mom’s car.  No one begged to stay and ride in the RV today. Meanwhile, Joe and I are singing ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall.  But, instead of saying beer we are substituting miles to go!



My camera was out of commission for a few days. The lens accidentally clobbered into a picnic table. The picnic table won! So, I got on line and ordered a replacement lens through Amazon. I was beginning to think that it would not deliver before our departure from Poultney. It delivered this morning and so, my camera is back in commission and fully functional! Tonight we are staying in Connecticut.  New England is beautiful and Poultney was nice. It was nice to see my folks.

DSC_0029 (2)

This is the tree we helped prune!

We parked in their driveway. It was challenging getting our rig into their drive and more challenging getting back out. They have a beautiful tree with low hanging branches next to the drive.  On our way out of the drive, our camper pruned their tree for them!


I can’t believe how green everything is up here! And the flowers…simply beautiful! In Memphis, by July, the flowers are tired, dry and wilted. It doesn’t matter how hard we try to have nice vibrant gardens. By July it’s just not happening.  So, if you ever want to see Memphis at its prettiest, do not come in July. Do however,  visit in April, because that is when Memphis shines. The azaleas are in full bloom and they scream, “Look at me. I’m gorgeous!”



Today we stopped for lunch at a little town off of highway 91.  Putney, Vt. We wanted to stop for pizza, but the Pizzeria did not open until 3PM. So, instead, we had lunch at a quaint little country store that featured fresh made Deli sandwiches. The kids enjoyed to old-fashioned, swivel, soda stools. It was a nice little place for lunch!

Tomorrow, hopefully we will ride a train into NYC! Wish us luck, as we ride public transportation. In Memphis, no one rides buses, and trains and subways are a foreign concept.


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