Sunset and Beyond or the Great Bike Tragedy


Lesson: Always use a spotter when backing up an RV

If you are lucky not using a spotter, that’s great!  If you are not lucky, then thumbs down!

You should always have a spotter for parking –even if you are backing up just a few centimeters, unless you want a few broken bikes or the whole back taken out of your camper! We did not use a spotter and learned that tree stumps will not move out of our way! Our bicycles suffered the brunt of the misfortune. Not every bike got crushed (alleluia!!!), but my bike brake (right side) got crushed and poked a new hole in the back of our camper. Oh well, just a little more character, I guess. Anyway, we had mostly bent wheels on the bicycles, but one bike became trash. Tree stump vs. bike. Tree stump won!


So we are staying in Memphis, New York. Ha! Ha!  So, we can say that it took only five hours to get from Memphis to Poultney!

This is a beautiful little place called Sunset Park.  No sewer hookups, though. This place sits on Cross Lake.  The lake is visible throughout the camping area. Spacious lots and very quiet.  This morning we watched black hawks, lazily circling around; I presume looking for breakfast and last night the kids encountered their first lighting bug.  Nice! I would camp here again.

 Later today we will visit my parents. I can’t wait!


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