You Should Have Bought a Squirrel

One of my most favorite movie quotes of all time comes from the movie Rat Race.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it is a funny watch. Anyway, in the movie a couple of really lost travelers encounter a squirrel salesperson along the road. Happy that they finally find another living person, our road weary travelers stop and ask the squirrel salesman for directions.  Our travelers (anxious to be on their way) continuously tell our salesperson that they really don’t want to buy a squirrel.  Finally, the salesperson concedes that she is not going to make a sale and eagerly gives our travelers directions. Well, our travelers follow the directions down to the smallest detail- up and down hills, and around sharp curves.  At the end of the route, they begin to see the following signs: Sign 1- You, Sign 2-should, Sign3-have, Sign 4-bought, Sign 5-a, Sign 6-squirrel!  And, then their car went flying off a cliff!

Well, I am happy to say that today we did not meet any squirrel salesmen. However, I am now for sure that we should have bought a Garman!  Oh, Google maps, how you have done us wrong! She took us down squirrel road, twisting and turning. Finally (when we were almost there), we saw a sign for a ten foot high underpass. Our rig is eleven feet tall!

So, we backtracked to a little park in the middle of nowhere (and with cell phones on their last bit of battery juice) we attempted to try and call the RV “resort” for a better set of instructions; because, at that moment in time, Google said that she was done and she refused to work on two out of three of our almost dead cellular devices.  Call one-voicemail. Call two-a live person, but the cell phone died and we lost her. All was well, however, because the kids were having a blast playing in a beautiful, grassy soccer field.  Meanwhile, the adults worked on plan B (which was to continue to call the RV Park on Cell phone number three, only to get voicemail, after voicemail, after voicemail)!

So, for Plan C, we managed to charge one of the cell phones enough to establish a mobile hotspot. We were then able to load up a map on the IPad and find our way to the RV Park!


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