Smokin’ on the Pot

One of the reasons I wanted to start a Travel Blog, was to help others in their quest for the best places and the worst places to stay in America.

This is my first official review. We are staying at the Niagara County Camping Resort in Lockport, NY. The scenery here is beautiful and the lots are large with lots of green, open, grassy places to play. 

However, at $67.00 a night one would expect full hookups, with sewer. There is no sewer and the only dump station is at the park entrance, a million miles away. The bathhouse is cinderblock and there is peeling paint on the stall doors.  This morning, there was a smoker in one of the stalls, or in the shower. But who smokes in the shower?  Everything is in slight disrepair. The playground was probably built in 1960?  At least it looks that way, and once upon a time this ‘resort’ was probably a great place to be.

While Joe was dumping the tanks, we went to the little petting zoo that was near the dump station. The little animals were cute. They had a huge turkey! Not to mention goats, rabbits, a pig, cow and a donkey.

So, that was a cool little way to start our daily adventure. Today, we are Poultney, VT bound with a quick pit stop at the falls first. Happy RVing!


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