Old Phones, Google Maps and Super Steep Hills

Google doesn’t often do me wrong, but when she does she does me really wrong!  I made a bet today that it would take us ten hours to complete a five hour drive. Well, how about twelve? I kid you not!

Navigator worked great for most of the day. Then, during the final hour, it decided to quit.  Right there at a crucial interchange, I receive the much dreaded message, “Maps is not responding, Do you want to wait or report this issue?”  When Google says, “Do you want to wait?” (That means, “Wait all day, if you want sucker, I ain’t budging!)  Because, reporting issues can take several minutes, I opted for restart the app method. Google dutifully loaded and then did nothing!  I tried my husband Joe’s phone, with even worse results!

Finally, fifteen minutes later, I was able to boot Google Maps. “Yeah!!  Google my best friend, I l-o-v-e listening to you.  Lead me onto highway 80! You want me to turn here? Ok..but it looks like highway 80 is over there. What? Wait? Nooooooo,” I said…… and then she died.

Knowing that she was not a trustworthy friend anymore, I had loaded a stationary map onto my tablet. The tablet map looked like we could take an alternate route to the Streetsboro, Ohio KOA via Highway 303.  Here is a drawing that my six year old grandson did of highway 303.



Have you ever seen coal cars being hoisted up an incline?  Picture coal cars, and then substitute a 17,000 pound RV and you have a visual image of us and the hills of Highway 303! Thank God we are here!


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