Bicycles, the Bed, and the Taj Mahal

imageTwo weeks, seven people, and 2478 miles!  Are we really packed???  Are we reallyreally, ready for this??

This morning’s departure did not go as smooth as planned. Our goal was to leave by 7 am. Ha, ha!  At 7:40 we were still trying to figure out how to fit six bicycles onto two bike racks on the back of the RV.   The seventh bicycle we had already decided to put in the camper by the bed. Why make things complicated? Right?

At 8:00 we were still trying to figure out the which-bike-should-go-where-to-make-everything-fit-puzzle.  Final solution: We now have three bikes in our bedroom area. One bike with training wheels beside the bed, and two ten speed bicycles enjoying the comfort of our memory foam mattress.  C’est la vie!

So, far it has been a pleasant trip. Today we are traveling as far as Louisville, KY. Our original plan was to boon-dock a local Walmart in Louisville, but this morning we decided to get a real camping spot at an RV Park. Camping around Louisville is almost nil.   I googled RV parks in the Louisville area and came up with three or four that were near the city!  The Louisville Metro KOA had bad reviews. People complained the sites were small and cramped.  I believe one review said that if you put out your awning, you would kiss the RV next door,  or something like that! There was also a Grandma’s RV Park in Shepherdsville, just outside Louisville, but the reviews said that the manager was a grumpy old man who did not like pets or kids. Well, we have one dog and four kids. So… nix that idea.

Instead, we are staying at the Taj Mahal of all RV Parks; at least it should be at $84.00 a night. I picture gold plated sewer connections?? I will let you know tomorrow.

P.S. Anyone out there have a better idea of where to stay in Louisville, KY?


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