The HMS Bouncy

For years we dreamed about owning a pop-up camper. Once, after looking at pop-up campers at a camper dealership, we went across the street, to a car dealership and traded our new, slick, red sedan with the fancy sunroof for an older, white (and might I say ugly) Ford Aerostar. The family joke was that we traded our dime for a nickel and that my hubby was going through a mid-life crisis. We drove that Aerostar for years and we never bought a pop-up camper. Finally, years later, while on a tent camping trip, in Arkansas, we bought a pop-up camper, strictly on a whim.

Now here are two lessons we learned from the experience: Do not buy a trailer larger than your vehicle is rated for and unless you like living in a sardine can, a pop-up camper is not the thing to buy.

The pop-up was heavier than our Ford Escape was rated for, only by just a bit, and it really did matter. We started to see a lot of wear and tear on our engine. And, every time we slept in the pop-up, we did a lot of dancing. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dance. However, I prefer dancing on a nice dance floor instead of dancing the excuse me, sorry I’m in your way, shuffle. We danced that dance a lot with just two adults and a dog in the camper. Then when you add our family of eight, well….you can only image. So…every time we went camping we’d hike through the lot of our nearest RV dealer, dreaming of something, anything else.

We looked at and calculated our options. Then one day, we found her. After we saw her, the grandkids left the RV lot chanting “Four Winds, Four WINDS!” We didn’t think we could afford an RV motorhome. But, the payments turned out to be only one hundred dollars more a month than the pop-up sardine can. She was an older model, 2003 Four Winds 31S, with only 17,000 miles. Minimal wear, for an old gal, and perfect for us. We even have an indoor potty! Not to mention stove, fridge, microwave and all of the luxuries of home.

So why bouncy, might you say? One of my favorite Star Trek movies is Star Trek Four. In the movie, Scotty refers to the Klingon ship, named the HMS Bounty, as a bucket of bolts. Our RV is like a bucket of bolts, only a really bouncy, bucket of bolts, so we named her “The HMS Bouncy”.

We’ve owned her for a year now and logged about 5,000 miles. I decided to start journaling about some of our many adventures. I hope that you will enjoy reading about our quest. Welcome aboard The Bouncy.


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