Ok folks last night was our very first experience with boon-docking. To be honest, it wasn’t our first choice. We decided two and one half weeks ago that we would take our RV, a tent and ten people to Florida for Memorial Day weekend. We secured a camping spot twenty minutes north of the beach at an RV park. All good, right? Not really. The first problem we encountered was that we live nine hours away from the beach. This presented a problem because, we needed to travel to the beach, have fun, and drive back home all in a three day weekend! To help with the first problem, we decided to leave home after work, at four o’clock, Friday afternoon and drive halfway to the beach. We wanted to camp in a park on Friday, but everything was booked! There was nothing available! We had already paid for our camp spot in Florida, for Saturday and Sunday , sooooo……we decided to boon dock Friday night.

We had heard that Walmart let people dry camp on their lot. My hubby called the store, to make sure it was ok. They said that we could camp at the end of the lot.

My biggest fear in doing this was safety! What if….. I pictured little old us, in our very old Four Winds RV, in an empty, parking lot, in the middle of nowhere. And….I don’t own a gun. I do own a cell phone though! My idea was to maybe program 911 on speed dial, so that if bandits showed up, at least, maybe, the police would come and rescue us before our new friends sent us on to our final reward.

I was amazed at the number of truckers and RVers sharing the lot with us. There were twelve other campers! I felt safe and I slept well. The kids played ball in the parking lot after breakfast and we scurried on our way. Beach minus three and one half hours and counting.


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