An RV, a Tent, and the Impromptu Travelers


Lesson: Never try and book an RV camping spot on or near the beach two weeks prior to a busy holiday weekend. For once, good consequences because of the lesson!
Everything (I mean every camping spot) from Orange beach to Panama City was booked solid. While fighting disappointment, on a whim, we decided to look at parks a little bit inland. We found an RV park in Milton, Florida, twenty minutes north of Pensacola. And….they allow both tents and RVs, which was perfect for us since we had one of each.

The park (Pelican Palms) could not have been more perfect. It was rustic, like a state park, but it offered laundry and had a swimming pool, like most RV parks. They had a small playground and a large covered pavilion. There were free bikes for the kids to borrow and the pool was really large. The kids had a lot of fun. One of the permanent residents told me that the park was the closest thing to heaven here on earth.

The park was nice, and we will go back there again, but to me, the beach is the nearest thing to heaven on earth and it was beautiful! It amazes me how different it is, day-to-day. On Saturday afternoon the waves were ferocious – Fun, yet powerful. On Sunday, the ocean was pretty and calm with a few nice waves at the end of the day.

We had a lot of fun!!! But, that was yesterday. Today, not so much.

Lesson number two: Generously reapply sunscreen ever ninety minutes while on the beach. As seasoned beach goers, you’d think that we would know this.

Lobsters do not just live in Maine. Today, these lobsters will travel nine hours cramped in an overstuffed RV and Toyota Highlander. It is eleven o’clock and we are really ready to hit the road. Perhaps some lunch first?


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