The Hollywood Casino

img_2207Hollywood Casino RV Park is one of the best kept secrets in the Mississippi Delta. Located in Tunica County just one hour south of Memphis, it could provide a great home base for visiting the south.

We have camped there several times. One of the greatest benefits is cost. It is very inexpensive (as long as you do not touch the slot machine!) A one night stay cost 25 dollars a night (that figure includes taxes).

This last Memorial Day weekend we visited with our Daughter and Son-in-Law. Plus, all seven of our grandchildren! The park was half empty so we had ample space to just ‘be’. The kids enjoyed riding their bikes around the park and swimming in the indoor Olympic sized swimming pool!

The park features decent Wi-if, full hook-ups, covered picnic pavilions and ample img_2213wildlife. Deer often play in an adjacent field, and blue matin zoom playfully in and out of their ‘martin’ homes scattered throughout the park. There is a small pond stocked with some sort of fish. Carp maybe?


Activities in Tunica are somewhat limited (Unless you really, really love gambling). On Memorial Day weekend, we were going to go and visit the Mississippi River Park. However, unfortunately, it was closed. We did stumble upon a Quarter Horse Show in the Tunica Expo Center. It was interesting andfree. Neighboring towns do have a lot  Cultural History and interesting museums about the south.

Now about food. I, personally, am not wild about Casino Buffets. The buffets are expensive and the food quality is not really my cup of tea. In Tunica, however, there is a really nice family owned restaurant, that was established in 1927, called the Blue and White. One interesting fact about the Blue and White (other than their great food) is that their building is an old Pure Gasoline Station.


We took seven kids and four adults. They easily accommodated our large party. And…they are very family friendly. When the kids accidentally knocked over two large soda glasses, they were very gracious and acted as if it were no big deal at all. They made us feel comfortable.

The kids had burgers and fries, which they compared as on par with Memphis’ Huey Burgers. (Huey’s is the best burger joint in Memphis!) I ate from the Buffet. The food was fresh, yummy and delicious!

The downtown district of Tunica is kind of rundown. However, it would be interesting to just park and walk. There is a cabin, circa 1860, located off one of the side streets.

DSC_0002I guess the thing I like best about Hollywood Casino RV Park is the ability to do nothing and still have all of the comforts of home.



Sabino Canyon

We took a trip to Sabino Canyon this morning. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees, with plenty of sunshine.


I love looking at saguaro cactus. They amaze me because they remind me of people. Each one, uniquely different, yet in essence the same. I share much in common with my fellow man, yet God created me unique and different.


I think I also like the Saguaro because they are hardy. They can grow anywhere. Silently and without complaint.  Beautiful and solid. Stretching limbs that reach for the sky remind me of God’s abundant grace.




When you don’t grow up living close to family, seeing cousins is a special treat. Even after not seeing them for forty years.

On this trip, we have seen both cousins and second cousins. Family ties amaze me. I wthink God ties families together with an invisible bond. Or at least, it feels that way.

Connecting with our cousins was an awesome experience. Time melted away as we reminisced about childhood long past. I remembered the fun times playing at Mawmaw’s house, the persimmon tree in backyard, and Mawmaw’s Vegetable Beef soup.

Thanks guys for a wonderful time!

The Restaurant

DSC_0395Not everything is as it looks.

We found a quaint little restaurant, located on Shelter Island in San Diego. Their specialty was Italian food. Yummy right?

Located on a Marina, we were greeted by huge windows showing a beautiful scene of picturesque boats. Our senses were tantalized by the wonderful aroma of food. Staved- I ordered a Mediterranean Pizza on a gluten free crust. My sis ordered spaghetti and meatballs. We each ordered a glass of water and patiently waited for our food.

Sometime later, the waitress brought out a scrumptious looking pizza and order of spaghetti and meatballs. I quickly thanked God for my food and prepared to dig into my pizza.

My tastebuds were accounted by the weirdest concoction of favors ever known to mankind. Determined to eat the thing, I washed down every bite with my dwindling glass of water.

I asked my sis how she was fairing with her spaghetti and meatball. She leaned over the table and whispered, “The meatballs taste like Spahgettios!”

Oh my……..

Two Things and More

A1AF2165-0AC4-48B7-8143-3F2B8FE5BC33Two things I know to be true. #1 God has made a beautiful world. #2 Life is a journey.

My sister and I are now on a one week adventure together. We are taking a holiday. We started out in two separate locations and converged in San Diego, California.
This is where I begin to realize that I have journeyed for a long time. I am sixty. I am thankful that God has given me many wonderful years, and I look forward to many more wonderful years to come. Hopefully thirty or forty more, at least!

I am also realizing, a lady who travels alone, at the age of sixty, is treated a little bit differently.

My journey began at the airport in my own hometown. — Just a side note. Not everyone can clear an airport in one hour and make it to the gate with plenty of time to spare.

I arrived at the airport close to five am, and the lines stretched out like folks waiting to collect free money from a benevolent soul. While choosing a line, all I could do was to say- eney, meany, mighty, mo. And….when that didn’t help, I wavered between self checkout and the customer service counter. I eventually chose self checkout because it had the shorter amount of people. There were only four peeps ahead of me.

Then, the clock began to tick. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick…..and the line did nothing. It was stuck like gum on a shoe. I glanced over at the line through the security checkpoint, and it was even longer. So, I began to rehearse my phone conversation, with my sister, in my head….“Ah sis, I didn’t make my flight…..”

It was about then, that a wonderful man in a blue American Airline jacket, walked up to my line and said, “Anyone here on the six am flight to DC or Dallas?” “Yes,” I screamed. “Me!” “Follow me,” he said. At that point, I was the head of a long line of people following the man in the blue jacket. Someone, who was still in line said, “Hey, where is everyone going?”

In no time flat, (thankfully) I had a boarding pass.

The family ahead of me, in the security checkpoint line, didn’t have it together. I felt sorry for them, and, not having it together, earned them a special trip through the metal detector. One of the daughters had a full bottle of water in her water bottle. I watched, as mom fused, and the mom and daughter both, frantically, tried to gulp the water, while trying to get their stuff organized and onto the security scan belt. All I could think was-I understand.

I finally reach my gate as the plane was boarding.

Once aboard, the captain announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a slight problem. We have a little fuel leak. We will be doing an engine test to determine if it is an within an acceptable limit.” I thought, “AN ACCEPTABLE LIMIT?? We are talking about an airplane. What is an acceptable limit of fuel leaking while flying a million miles above the earth’s surface?”

They did the engine test an the thing quit leaking. Thank God. But, with a all of the delays, my layover in Dallas was short. Too short.

As I left the aircraft, I glanced at my watch. My boarding pass told me that my plane to San Diego was boarding…now! I ran to to the big board of departing flights and mine was not there. In an utter fright, I scanned it again and nothing! Nada! I glanced to my right, and the lady at the Alaskan Airline counter was standing idle, with nothing to do. I rushed up to her and said, “Can you help me please? I think I am lost?” She leaned over the counter and looked me directly in the face. I could hear her think, “white hair…old lady…Does she have Alzheimer’s ?” I explained, “I can’t find my flight on the board. Could you look it up for me.” I shove my boarding pass toward her, and with a few strokes of her keypad, she announced, “,Terminal A, Gate 29.” I said, “But this is Terminal C! How do I do that?” She points to my right and says, “The skylift is that way.”

I discovered that I can run pretty fast for an old lady and I did make make my connecting flight barely in the nick of time. Once airborne, instead of sleeping (which would have been the smart thing to do), I watched back to back episodes of the TV Comedy, Life in Pieces. Two and one half hours later, I was once again on the ground.

I collected my bag from baggage claim and proceeded to text my sis. She texted back to let me know that she also, was in Baggage Claim. But, Terminal 1. I was in Baggage Claim 2. After a long walk I could say “Hello sis! Hello trip!” And so the Journey begins….




The Best Gift

Today I received the best Christmas present ever. It was also the funniest and the most unusual gift I have ever received. When I opened it I laughed harder than I have laughed in a good long while. However, the deepest part of me went awwwwwww….

So here is the story.

Two weeks ago I saw my six year old grandson busy with a cardboard box, scissors, and duct tape. “Whatcha doing?” I asked. “It’s a surprise,” he relied. “Ok,” I said and went about my business.

Later when he was finish, he announced with great pride, as he slid the box beside the yet to be decorated Christmas tree, “Memaw, I made you a present!” “Ok, cool, thanks,” I said and I really didn’t give it anymore thought.

Fast forward to tonight (Christmas Eve). I had opened most of my gifts when the duct taped, brown amazon box resurfaced from under the tree. There was a note attached to the top which simply said-

To Meemaw, Happy Jingle Day! Love, John. Hint: You can not tell what is in it.

I gingerly pulled off some of the masking tape and gave the box a little shake. Much to my surprise the items inside of the box were quite noisy. The box did not shake like perhaps it had paper drawings inside. I wondered, “What could this kid have possibly made me.”

Slowly I reached inside of the box and pulled the things out of the box-one by one. With each item I removed, my laughter became more and more hysterical.

This is what the box contained: One First Holy Communion Book recycled from an older sibling who no longer wanted it. Two paint brushes that were already mine (taken from my art supply drawer). Several ink pens of different colors (found while rummaging though the house). A lego piece and a broken seashell.

He was right. I would have never guessed what was inside of that box.

But, with all that stuff, the most important part of the gift was the part that wasn’t visible- (a piece of the child’s heart). Pure and simple, uncomplicated and sweet. He put a lot of thought into what he had given me. He collected (for me) things he knew I would really like, and, or, really needed.

I bet Jesus looked at John’s gift and said, “Best present ever!” ( I certainly did!)

Merry Christmas, Everyone!



Fashion is a fickle concept. What is fashionable today will be totally out dated tomorrow. Today, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a maxi shirt and it seems as if just yesterday, my closet was full of them. Likewise, I can remember when I disliked straight leg pants and now I own a billion of them.

Fashions come and fashions go. Truth is forever.

Let me explain my viewpoint:

Just the other day, I had a picture of my nativity set pop-up from “My Memories” in my Facebook feed. Prompted by the message to repost, I added the word “Timeless”. Timeless? Yes, but more than timeless.

For many, the time before Christmas provides an opportunity to examine ones relationship with God. An opportunity to search deep within and examine how well we try to live within that relationship. Christmas is a time to reflect on the Savior, the Messiah, born in a humble manger. Jesus, God Himself born in time, is a mystery we can never fully understand. Truth! Not some truth, or a truth, but He is the Truth.

There is nothing wrong with the greeting, “Happy Holidays”, Yet for Christians, Christmas is one of the biggest religious celebrations celebrated during the year. Jesus is the reason for the season. As Christian people, many of us, (myself included) are allowing the world to relegate Christmas to a mere fashion. The world says it is not fashionable to say “Merry Christmas.” I have pondered this a lot. This Christmas season, when I am greeted with “Happy Holidays,” I will respond by telling the person that I celebrate Christmas and I will ask “Do you?” If the person responds yes, I will wish them a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

To my Christian friends-Merry Christmas! To my non-Christian friends-Happy Holidays, and the next time you see me, please wish me a Merry Christmas!